Back to ‘work’ !

We’ve had an exciting few weeks – grade 5 adventure to Stratford, pumpkin carving for Halloween, the grade fives being included in last week’s press conference at PLR with the mayor and MPP and lots of Junglesport. Students from both classes were also very helpful to me in organizing the school-wide food drive and creating gift cards for the residents of an adult care facility where I volunteer. It was great to see them so engaged in helping others!
But alas – this week it’s back to ‘work’.

Language – we’re moving from reading and writing personal memoirs to information paragraphs and non-fiction texts. Extra practice reading informational paragraphs and finding the main ideas will help.
Math – we’re taking a short break from difficult multiplication to a few weeks of geometry. During this time I’ll be having a ‘division club’ each first break recess – by popular demand! All grade fours and fives who wish some extra review and practice with division are welcome – then when we return to two and three digit division in a few weeks they will be the experts!

Progress Reports have now been written and will be sent home in a few weeks. Mlle Gillingham and myself are looking forward to meeting with you and your child so that we can share the work that they are doing and discuss goals for improvement. Please return the interview times request form quickly so that we can schedule convenient times for everyone.
Enjoy the sunshine!