Happy 2017!

I hope you have all had a great holiday. I know that I have! Thanks again to each of you for your generous Christmas gifts and cards – it meant a lot to me!

I am excited as I look forward to the coming months.

The countdown is on to Canada’s 150th birthday – and our grade 4 and 5 classes will be taking a lead role in coordinating PLR’s Canada Celebration activities. This will include daily announcements where our students will have a chance to share a favourite fact or thought about Canada. Stay tuned for your turn.

In addition we will have some new class-wide activities.
A few highlights:
cursive writing (yup – old fashioned writing!) will become part of weekly homework. It is optional for those students who want to practice it letter by letter.
– By contrast (!), “Bring Your Own Device” in grade five will extend to grade fours. Devices (with full keyboards only please) can be used during the writing time of our literacy classes. For grade 5s this will be Monday and Wednesdays. For grade 4s this will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Speak with me if you have questions.
– Beginning this month each student will have a turn to ‘perform’ during “Open Mike” as a way of building their oral presentation skills. They may share something they have written or talk about something that they have read. It is expected that each student will present once a month.
-We will share poetry, fictional and non-fiction texts as we “Read Across Canada”, in celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday. We have 24 weeks to go – so hope to read material from 24 different parts of Canada. We’ll at least try….!

Here is a general plan for January and the coming months. I will try to update the website each week with more specific details:

Math – Measurement Strand – telling time, elapsed time (how many minutes from 3:15 until 4:30 ?) and counting money and making change.

Writing – Procedural Writing – start thinking about ideas for ‘how to…’ guides. (My personal favourites have always been the “How to Drive Mrs. Fairley Crazy” texts that students seem to love to write for me!!) We will end this unit with recipes – and, hopefully, eating!

Reading – Independent and group reading will complement the topics being studied in Social Studies and Science with Mlle Gillingham. We hope that will help provide a solid understanding of the topics for our students while building their reading comprehension skills.

So – it will be a busy and fun time in Portable Six this month!