It’s June!!

It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to a close. And what a great year it has been! Work and learning continues right until the end – but we will also include some time for more open-ended tasks and we will do our best to add ‘fun’ to as many assignments as possible.

Language – book clubs, persuasive writing and Genius Hour work (see below)

Math – probability and numeration review

A few notes:

  • At last, good weather seems to have arrived. So, regular weekly homework has come to an end – providing, of course, that the children keep up with quality work at school. Enjoy the extra time outside!
  • I suggest each child keep a hat, water bottle, towel and sunscreen in their bag – just in case we decide to take our learning outdoors.
  • Our class book from Student Treasures should be arriving any day. Exciting times!! For those of you who did not order your own copy I will send the class copy home on a rotating basis.
  • We are beginning “Genius Hour”. For about one hour each day the students will have a chance to explore a topic of their choice – simply for the pure joy of learning. The last week of school they will be sharing what they learn with their classmates – in a way that they choose. Please start talking at home about the topic they have chosen and perhaps help them find information that will help them be successful.
  • We are doing some special art / craft activities over the next few weeks. (You can never have enough art!!) Things might get a little messy – so remember to dress appropriately!
  • Finally, a big apology to all parents! We have been working on persuasive writing and how to present an opinion or point of view to others. I understand some children have become very good at this … haha…!  Feel free to congratulate them on the skill of expressing reasons and facts clearly – but that doesn’t mean you have to give in!!

Happy June everyone!