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We made it!  The end of our online week together.  Enjoy today’s activities!

READING – Check out today’s online story.  After you have heard the story think about what happened first, what happened next and how did it end. Clark the Shark

WRITING – How is your daily journal coming?  Today, write a note or email to me telling me one thing about your week.  

MATH – Look around your home for 3D solids – rectangular prisms, cylinders, cubes, spheres – maybe even a triangular prism (my personal favourite!)   Make a tally chart of what you find.

FOR FUN – Do you like dinosaurs?  Set your alarm for 3:30 and tune in to this interactive video session with the Tyrell Museum.  Use this website to find it.  

Connected North Livestream

OUTSIDE – Collect six rocks – two that are the size of a loonie, two that are smaller and two that are larger.  Save them up for an activity on Monday!  (hint:  glue and markers just might be involved!)