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Reading and Writing It’s story time! I hope you enjoy today’s story, “Grandma and the Pirates”. After you have seen the video, draw a picture of your favourite part. Or draw a picture of the favourite food that your grandma makes for you. ( Is it noodle pudding?)

Word Work – Yesterday you chose six words to practice. Today is “rainbow writing”. Write one of the words (be sure you spell it correctly and that the letters are all lower case). Now, take one crayon and print on top of the word. Take another colour and print on top again. Do this four or five times. Now do that for the rest of the words you chose for the week. Does each word look like a rainbow of colour?

Math – Let’s do some measuring today. We’ll use your pencil. How many pencils long is your kitchen? Estimate first (a ‘good guess’) then do the actual measuring. Do this for your bedroom. How far is it from the door to your bed? Choose some other large distances to measure.. Have fun.

Science Tuesday! Our friend Miss Hope has an activity today.

Make a poster to show your family how to save energy at home!
Watch this video to remind you of ways to save energy: 

Remember, a good poster has: 

  • Big colourful pictures
  • A large and bold title
  • A clear message about ways to save energy
  • At least two different ways to save energy
  • Poster is organized and easy to read

*If you have a printer or would like a guideline here is one to help*

For Fun

Our friends at Connected North have lots to offer today. At 1:40 you can learn about food chains. Tonight at 7pm you can do Family Zumba!