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Reading, Writing, Science and Art with Miss Hope: This week we are celebrating Earth Week. Enjoy this story. I Can Save the Earth What can we do to make the Earth a better place? It will help you think of some ideas. Choose one and finish this sentence: I can help the Earth by …

Next, make a poster to go with your idea. You will need a pencil, construction paper, scissors, glue, and a marker. If you don’t have any of these materials be creative and use what you have! I didn’t have glue so I used a stapler. Make sure the person on top looks like you. Use your colour hair and feel free to add anything like glasses or even a hat!

I made a video of my poster to show you the steps. Enjoy it! Ms. Hope makes her poster

Math: It’s time to count your coins! Today you will count the loonies and toonies. Sort them into two groups. How many of each kind of coin do you have? What is each group of coins worth? Count by 1s when you count the loonies. Skip count by 2s when you count the toonies. How many dollars do you have in total?

Set your Clock: Join our friends from Connected North and watch some very cool science experiments – Chemical and Physical Reaction Show at 10:30.

French Friday: This week I would like you to try a few of our French songs that also ask you to dance or move around a little bit. Do you remember our silly bear song? Point to your “tête, épaules, genoux et pieds” (“head, shoulders, knees and toes”)! Do your best to sing along in French! Tete, Epaules, Genoux et Pieds

And here is another one, and for some of you this might be a new one… just do your best to follow the movements you see in the video:

And if you have time, watch one episode of Super Mini and his silly adventures of creating colours: Super Mini