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Reading and Writing: Yesterday you did a survey about favourite seasons. What is your favourite season? Write a few sentences. Be sure to include reasons. (And don’t forget: – upper case at the start of a sentence, spaces between your words and a period at the end.)

Word Work: Yesterday you chose 5 words from this week’s poem. Do ‘Rainbow Writing’. Print each word. Print over top with a different colour. Do it over and over with other colours. See? A rainbow! (This video will show you:

Math: Practice skip counting by 5s today. Count your fingers and toes. (5, 10, 15, 20). Include other family members. How high can you go? Write the numbers down on a piece of paper. When you are outside today practice counting by 5s as you walk. Here’s a video to watch!

For Fun: Yesterday you watched a video about Easter eggs. Today, make your own egg shapes on paper and cut them out.  Decorate them.  You can hang them in your window.   Be sure to take a picture to share with us!