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Word Work:   It’s Be the Teacher day.  Make up sentences for each of your five words. Leave a blank where this week’s word should go. Give the sentences to a family member. (Did you use a capital letter and a period?) Can they put in the right word? Did they spell them correctly?

For Fun: Monday’s song was about the 3Rs. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Listen to the song again. The 3 Rs. Which of the 3Rs do you think are the most important?

Math: Listen to the Canadian Coins song again. Coins of Canada with Jack Hartmann

It’s time to count your coins! Today just count the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Makes groups of the same kind of coins. How many of each kind of coin do you have? What is each group of coins worth? Skip count by 5s when you count the nickels. Skip count by 10s when you count the dimes. Ask a family member to help you count the quarters. (Hint: skip count by 25s!) How many cents do you have in total?