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Word Work – Remember the five words you chose to practice this week? Today, write them on a piece of paper. Then write them again but this time put them in ‘ABC Order’. Ask an adult to help you.

Reading – Thursday is Poetry Day. Read this poem about April. Can you find the words that rhyme? Do you see words that you can read easily?

The wind told the grass

And the grass told the trees

The trees told the bushes

and the bushes told the bees.

The bees told the robin

And the robin sang out clear

Wake up! Wake up!

Spring is here!

Math – It’s ‘Be the Teacher’ Day. Make up some math stories that involve taking away. Be sure to use numbers less than 20. Give them to someone in your family to answer. Are they correct? Here is an example for you: “I have 13 stuffies. I hid 6 under my bed. How many are there now?”

For Fun – Connected North has two great live video conferences today. Shark Baby is at 11:30. Bees and Butterflies are at 12:00.

Outside – Enjoy the warm, sunny weather. Count and do a tally chart of the things you see from today’s poem: trees? bushes? robins? bees?