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Reading and Writing: Enjoy this story – Have you Seen Birds, by Joanne Oppenheim!

Word Work: Put this week’s words that you chose into ABC order. Here’s a video that explains this activity:

Math: Let’s keep counting by 5s. Can you find some nickels in your piggy bank or in your parent’s pocket? How many cents are there altogether? Count by 5s. Here’s another video to enjoy:

Jeopardy: The answer is 8. What could the questions be? Try to come up with at least 5. (Hint: Think about today’s date)

For Fun: Today’s story was about birds. Have you heard birds when you’ve been walking outside? Do they sound different? Draw some birds or make them out of plasticine or play-do, just like the illustrator in today’s book Barbara Reid. Here is a video that might help.