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It’s Earth Day! Be sure to spend some time outside today. What can you find?

Word Work:  Put the five words you chose this week into ‘ABC order.’  

Workout Wednesday with Mrs. Reddon: The best way to stay happy and healthy during these trying times is to incorporate some movement into every single day.  

Roll a task: You will need one dice and a safe, open spot for this activity.  You can play this on your own or you can include some of your family members.  How to play: If you roll a two, you do 15 sit ups. If you roll a five, you touch your toes and hold it for fifteen seconds, etc.  Try to roll the dice 10 times before you are finished! You can make up your own roll a task game by changing the activities.

Storytime! Enjoy this book by Todd Parr. Mrs. Fairley reads “I Love the Earth”

Math: It’s Jeopardy Day. To go with our 3Rs song, this week’s answer is 3. What could be your questions? Can you include a question that uses coins?