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It’s April Fool’s Day! Have a little foolish fun and do things backwards today. Walk backwards (safely of course), print your name backwards, eat your meal backwards (dessert first!). Have fun!

Writing: Today is the first day of April. Can you write an April acrostic poem? Think of a word that begins with each letter in the word “April”.






Math: It’s Jeopardy Day. The answer is 13. How many ways can you get this answer? Here are some examples to get you started: one dime and three pennies, my sister’s age, 15-2)

For Fun: Let’s Get Crafty – Paper Bag Puppets

Paper bag puppets are both a wonderful craft to create and also an activity that sparks imaginative play and can be used again and again. Once the kids have assembled their puppets, they can bring them to life by creating their own stories and performing their own puppet shows. Paper bag puppets can be as simple or complex as you wish. Whether it’s just paper and markers you create your puppets with, or you decorate with yarn, googly eyes, stickers, and buttons, they’re a great project any time. Be sure to share your paper bag characters with me. I can’t wait to see your creations!

(Thank you to Jen at for this!)