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Sunday is Mother’s Day. What special thing will do for your mom or grandmother on Sunday?? You’ll find some ideas in today’s Art and French activities.

Storytime. Enjoy this story about life during COVID-19. Noah Henry (A Rainbow Story)

Art: The story talked about rainbows. They are a symbol of hope. Be creative and make a rainbow. Post it on your door or window for people to enjoy. Remember the order of the colours!! (ROYGBV).

Set your Clocks: Do you love animals and nature? Join our friends at Connected North today. At 1:30 join a Rainforest Exploration and at 3:00 for “Fur, Feather and Scales

French Friday:

At the end of this week many people celebrate “La fête des mères” (Mother’s Day), so I thought you might like to listen, sing or just play this song for your mom, grandma or a special someone in your life: Bonne fete maman  Here are some videos to inspire you to create a small gift for this occasion: Une carte (A card) Trois idées cadeaux (Three gift ideas) And if you feel like dancing or moving your body, try La danse des canards (I am sure you’ll find this tune familiar 🙂 Amusez-vous bien! (Have fun!) Au revoir!

Outside Fun: When you’re outside this weekend see how many rainbows you can find. Keep a tally chart. Are they on doors, on windows or on the sidewalk? What words do they have with them? I hope they make you smile!!

Math: You did a lot of adding using cards this week. Today, play Go Fish or Memory Have fun!