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Storytime: Enjoy Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney.

This weekend coming up is the May long weekend or the Victoria Day weekend. Victoria Day is a holiday celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday. She was Queen of England many, many years ago. Today, it marks the end of winter and the start of summer. Watch this video Victoria Day to learn more.

Art with Ms. Hope Usually, on Victoria Day we get to see fireworks. But not this year…. Instead of seeing fireworks maybe we can make our own! (Don’t worry parents, it’s not what you think). Watch this video to see how you can Make your own Fireworks. For this activity you will need paint, pick 4 colours if you have them. For each colour you will need an empty toilet paper roll. So, if you have 4 colours you will need 4 toilet paper rolls. You will also need scissors to cut the toilet paper rolls.  You could also draw a picture of some amazing fireworks! I can’t wait to see what you make!

Social Studies: Have some fun with maps this weekend. Use this ideas to make a treasure map. Divide your family into two teams. Hide something outside. Draw a map to show where it is. Can the other team find it?

Math: Use a deck of cards for this game. Take out the tens and face cards.

French Friday: Bonjour mes amis! This week we are taking another look at colours in French- this time, we associate different things to their specific colour. Listen and repeat: Les couleurs avec les Titounis Here is a book on colours – listen and watch carefully. What are some new words you can learn from this book? Say them a few times (listen to the story again to learn the correct pronunciation) Les couleurs And here is another story that mentions lots of colours – do you remember it? Ours brun

Quelle est ta couleur préférée? (What is your favourite colour?)  Ma couleur préférée est le bleu. (My favourite colour is blue) Tell someone in your home your favourite colour in French; if you can, find or draw a few pictures of things in your favourite colour.