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Today is all about Treasure Hunts! Get in the mood with this action song!

Pirates are famous for searching for buried treasure. Listen again to the story Grandma and the Pirates.

Art: Use your imagination and creativity to have some pirate fun.

  • Can you turn a small box into a treasure chest? What could you put inside it? Where can you hide it?
  • Be a pirate. Follow these instructions to make a pirate hat.
  • Can you hide the treasure somewhere outside or inside? Make a map and mark the location with an ‘X’.

Have fun!

French Friday: This week we are looking at “Les parties du corps” (Parts of the body). You already know a few, from our songs “Tête, épaules …” (Head, shoulders…), but here is a video to teach you a few more words about the body. Play the video at least 2 times and repeat the words in the first part of the video; then, challenge yourself to point at the correct part of the body in the second part of the video (remember how we did this in class? 🙂 Les parties du corps

And here is our silly bear singing and dancing “Tête, épaules …” (Head, shoulders…); find a safe space and sing and dance along with the bear. Remember, don’t fall to the ground at the end – the silly bear is just a cartoon, but you could get hurt. “Tête, épaules …” (Head, shoulders…),