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This Week’s Poem: The weather is finally better so it’s time to think about being outside. Remember to choose five words to use for this week’s word work.

There’s dirt on my shirt and leaves in my hair

There’s mud on my boots but I don’t really care.

Playing outside is so much fun

To breathe the clean air and feel the warm sun.

To stomp in a puddle or climb a big tree

Makes me quite happy – just look and you’ll see.

Math: A song about telling time. Tick Tock

Answer these questions:

Music Monday from Ms. Djonovich: This week we are going to review some things we learned in music class earlier this year.  Do you remember we learned about beat and rhythm?  The beat always stays the same (it’s the boring part) and the rhythm has fast and slow parts (it’s the “dance-y” part).   We also learned about high and low sounds. Can you name things that make high sounds (like a bird) and low sounds (like a cow).

Activity 1:  When you click on the link below, it will take you to a site called Musicplay by Denise Gagne (it is free for students until the end of June -no log-in needed): Musicplayonline Scroll down on the RIGHT side under “GAMES” and you will see a box called “Beat or Rhythm”.  Click on that box to play a fun game.  You can try to move your body with the sounds to help you figure out if it is “boring” or “dance-y”.

Activity 2: If you scroll down a little more, there is a box called “High Low Game”.  Click on this and see how many balloons you can get!