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Reading and Writing: Read this week’s poem again. Think about rainbows and finish these sentences to make your own poem.

Science: Enjoy this video and learn about How are Rainbows made

Set your Clock: Tune in at 10:30 and join our friends at Connected North to learn about Magnificent Monarchs.

Word Work: Use your five words from this week’s poem and do ‘Rainbow Writing’!

For Fun: For the last few weeks you have learned about coins. This week set up a play store. What can you pretend to sell? Remember to make price tags. If they had a loonie, how many things could they buy?

Math: Try this card game. Remove all of the face cards out of the deck. Combine cards to make piles that add up to 10. (6 + 4, Ace + 9) Take a picture of the combinations you find.