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Science with Ms. Hope: I’m sure a lot of you have been seeing many bird nests with eggs in them. Here’s a video about Why birds lay eggs in spring

Activity: Can you build a nest that will hold an egg? Give it a try. If you can go outside, gather twigs, leaves, and grass to build with — just like birds do! If you can’t go out, use torn paper, rolled up paper, and string. You can’t use glue or tape! When you’re done building, test your nest with something round — like a marble, or even a real egg!

Word Work: Use your five words from this week’s poem and do ‘Rainbow Writing’. 

Reading: Here is information about maps for you to read.

Math: Practice your adding skills by playing ’21’. You will need one dice. Play with a family member. Take turns rolling the dice. Keep adding up until you get close to 21. Stop before you go over! How to play 21 with dice