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Set your clock: Our google hangout is today at 1:00.

OR: Join us at 4:30 using this link: See you then!

Reading and Writing: Use your imagination to write a short story. Illustrate your story.

  • Yesterday was your birthday
  • You got to choose the menu for your birthday meal.
  • What did you choose?

For Fun: Lots of you have been noticing birds. Last week in Science you learned about eggs and nests. Try these puzzles.

Math: On Tuesday you explored your neighbourhood and noticed numbers on people’s homes and doorways. One side of the street or hallway had ODD numbers. The other had EVEN numbers. Here is a video to enjoy about Odd and Even Numbers.

Social Studies: During our google hangout we are going to make a map together. Have fun making your own map. Look at this map and notice the pictures (symbols) that are used. Symbols stand for different buildings and places.