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Read-a-loud: Here is another alphabet book to enjoy. I promise it will make you hungry! Eating Through the Alphabet

Science and Art with Ms. Hope: With all the heat we had last week I’ve been craving ice cream! I’ve been seeing really long lineups at Ice Cream shops so I bet you’re probably wanting some ice cream too! What’s your favourite flavour? Mine is mint chocolate-chip! How to Make Ice Cream

Math: Play some games to review the number ’26’ today:

  • with playing cards
  • with dice
  • by making a collection of 26 items – lego? stuffies? raisins?
  • counting out coins and finding 26 cents
  • write a sentence with 26 letters (not words!!)
  • make a hopscotch or number line outside with sidewalk chalk that goes up to 26 and hop away!

For Fun: Enjoy some time outside today and this weekend. Do this scavenger hunt with your family!

French Friday: Let’s learn the days of the week (Les jours de la semaine): Ecoutez et répétez (Listen and repeat) Now sing along with this song, to practise the days of the week: Les jours de la semaine

And here is a song I’m sure you missed – turn it up, sing along, and do the moves we used to do in class every Friday: Je suis une pizza!