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Reading and Writing: It’s the first day of June! A new month! Read this poem several times. It’s a bit tricky so ask a family member for help. Choose your five words for this week’s Word Work.

Fun with Chalk: Each day this week I will post a game or activity to do outside or on your balcony with sidewalk chalk. Here is today’s activity – a game from Ms. Reddon.

Math: Last week we talked about telling time to the hour. The long minute hand points to the 12. The short hour hand points to the number. Can you read these times?

This week we’ll be telling time to the half hour. This clock shows 3:30. The long minute hand is pointing half way around the clock at 6. That means it is ‘half past’. The hour hand is pointing just after the 3. That means it is half past 3. Or, you can say, 30 minutes after 3. Or “three thirty”. Enjoy this video that talks about telling time to the hour and the half hour. Telling Time

Music with Ms. Djonovich: Today we will do work on rhythms. Remember your ta and ti-ti?