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Art: Good writers put ideas into their readers heads. Good writers help us to imagine! Read this week’s poem again. Can you imagine “great white clouds floating by”? What about “All the world is dressed in green.” What could that mean?

Draw a picture to go with this poem. Be sure to use the same colours that the poet wrote. Don’t forget the roses and birds!

Math: This week we’re talking about ‘half past’ the hour. When it is 3:30, the minute hand has moved half way around the clock from 12 to 6. Remember what a half is? Draw these shapes and colour in one half. Then come up with your own shapes and ideas to show ‘half’.

Fun with Chalk: Try these hopscotch games Hopscotch games outside or on your balcony. Take a picture of your creations!

Writing: Last week we started learning about how to write a letter or an email. A letter has four parts – the date, ‘Dear’, the ‘body’ and the ending. (In an email, the computer does the date and ending automatically.)

Today’s challenge is to write a letter to find our something – to get information. What do you want to know? Write me a letter (or an email) to ask me for information about something. Here are some questions words to help you. Remember to use question marks. Take a picture of it and send it to me. I promise I’ll write back!!