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Grade 5s – Try this!!

The grade fives are doing ‘tree diagrams’ to talk about the probability of getting a certain combination. Check out this website article and tell us what you think!

It’s June!!

It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to a close. And what a great year it has been! Work and learning continues right until the end – but we will also include some time for more open-ended tasks and we will do our best to add ‘fun’ to as many assignments as possible.

Language – book clubs, persuasive writing and Genius Hour work (see below)

Math – probability and numeration review

A few notes:

  • At last, good weather seems to have arrived. So, regular weekly homework has come to an end – providing, of course, that the children keep up with quality work at school. Enjoy the extra time outside!
  • I suggest each child keep a hat, water bottle, towel and sunscreen in their bag – just in case we decide to take our learning outdoors.
  • Our class book from Student Treasures should be arriving any day. Exciting times!! For those of you who did not order your own copy I will send the class copy home on a rotating basis.
  • We are beginning “Genius Hour”. For about one hour each day the students will have a chance to explore a topic of their choice – simply for the pure joy of learning. The last week of school they will be sharing what they learn with their classmates – in a way that they choose. Please start talking at home about the topic they have chosen and perhaps help them find information that will help them be successful.
  • We are doing some special art / craft activities over the next few weeks. (You can never have enough art!!) Things might get a little messy – so remember to dress appropriately!
  • Finally, a big apology to all parents! We have been working on persuasive writing and how to present an opinion or point of view to others. I understand some children have become very good at this … haha…!  Feel free to congratulate them on the skill of expressing reasons and facts clearly – but that doesn’t mean you have to give in!!

Happy June everyone!


It’s hard to believe that it’s May already!
Welcome to what I call the “Silly Season”. Lots of special events. Lots of work to be done. Lots of fun!

Math – We are completing our work on area and perimeter with a Community Garden design challenge. Keep reviewing those division and multiplication facts.
Reading – We are beginning Book Clubs – a chance for small groups to read and discuss novels together
Writing – Both classes are creating class books which we will have published, ready to see in time for the middle of June. We have such great authors in our classes. Everyone is very excited!

“Silly Season” activities include – Track and Field on May 4th (all day), Jump Rope for Heart on Friday May 5th (the afternoon) and Thursday May 11th – Canada 150 Birthday Party which our classes are helping to organize. Stay tuned!!

Please continue to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress.

Happy May!

March News

Welcome back. I hope you have all had a great, relaxing March Break.
Back to school – and back to work.

Our plans:
– Math – We will continue on from fractions to decimals (think money!) Math is getting increasingly difficult for many students as the concepts get more complex. Remember that each first break is an opportunity for extra help.
– Language – The next ‘text type’ we will focus on is poetry. Each student will be presenting a favourite poem to the class over the next four weeks and will be writing a few of their own. We will continue as well with our “Read Across Canada” project as we read stories (and poems!) that have a setting in different areas of Canada. We continue to focus on building our comprehension skills through summarizing and inferring.

As always, please be in touch if you have questions or concerns!

It’s February!

It is hard to believe that the school year is half over! And after a cloudy January it’s nice to turn the page of the calendar to a new month. Let’s hope it is sunnier – and (dare I say?) snowier.

A few highlights:
– The Grade 5 class continues to make announcements each morning as part of our Canada 150 Fun Facts.
– Many students helped the Change Makers group organize the Used Book Sale. We raised an amazing $966. And it gave everyone a chance to practice counting and adding money as our Portable became the fundraising headquarters for the month. Please go to the link section of this website to see a great little video made by one of our Change Makers teachers.

Looking Ahead to February
– Math: – after working on counting money and making change we will move forward to fractions. Please continue to practice division and multiplication facts – they are still very much needed!
– Writing: – we’ll move on to writing fictional narratives this month. The students are excited about writing and publishing their own fictional stories. Remember if your child has their own computer device that has a keyboard they are welcome to bring them in. (Grade 5s – Monday sand Wednesdays; Grade 4s – Tuesdays and Thursdays)
-Reading: -we continue our focus on Canadian books as we “Read Across Canada”. So far we have been to Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. Stay tuned!

Learning Skills continue to be a major priority – with an extra emphasis on responsibility, collaboration and initiative. As we are preparing report cards we are noticing many great improvements since the fall. Well done !!

As always, please be in touch if you have questions or concerns.

Happy 2017!

I hope you have all had a great holiday. I know that I have! Thanks again to each of you for your generous Christmas gifts and cards – it meant a lot to me!

I am excited as I look forward to the coming months.

The countdown is on to Canada’s 150th birthday – and our grade 4 and 5 classes will be taking a lead role in coordinating PLR’s Canada Celebration activities. This will include daily announcements where our students will have a chance to share a favourite fact or thought about Canada. Stay tuned for your turn.

In addition we will have some new class-wide activities.
A few highlights:
cursive writing (yup – old fashioned writing!) will become part of weekly homework. It is optional for those students who want to practice it letter by letter.
– By contrast (!), “Bring Your Own Device” in grade five will extend to grade fours. Devices (with full keyboards only please) can be used during the writing time of our literacy classes. For grade 5s this will be Monday and Wednesdays. For grade 4s this will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Speak with me if you have questions.
– Beginning this month each student will have a turn to ‘perform’ during “Open Mike” as a way of building their oral presentation skills. They may share something they have written or talk about something that they have read. It is expected that each student will present once a month.
-We will share poetry, fictional and non-fiction texts as we “Read Across Canada”, in celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday. We have 24 weeks to go – so hope to read material from 24 different parts of Canada. We’ll at least try….!

Here is a general plan for January and the coming months. I will try to update the website each week with more specific details:

Math – Measurement Strand – telling time, elapsed time (how many minutes from 3:15 until 4:30 ?) and counting money and making change.

Writing – Procedural Writing – start thinking about ideas for ‘how to…’ guides. (My personal favourites have always been the “How to Drive Mrs. Fairley Crazy” texts that students seem to love to write for me!!) We will end this unit with recipes – and, hopefully, eating!

Reading – Independent and group reading will complement the topics being studied in Social Studies and Science with Mlle Gillingham. We hope that will help provide a solid understanding of the topics for our students while building their reading comprehension skills.

So – it will be a busy and fun time in Portable Six this month!


Many of you asked about Dreambox accounts for your children.  (Dreambox is an interactive mathematics program that focuses on math strategies that students learn in class.)

Grade Four students have access to Dreambox through the Halton District School Board.  Grade Five students have been provided with Dreambox accounts, thanks to P L Robertson School.

Please click on the Dreambox link, under the ‘links’ tab of this website.  The students will receive their log-ins and passwords tomorrow.  Be sure to ask them!

Student-led Conferences this week

We are looking forward to this week’s student-led conferences – all 52 of them!
This is an opportunity for each student to do a little ‘show and tell‘ for their parents – showing examples of their work and telling about their goals for the coming months.
The next few days are divided into 15 minute slots – not a lot of time but we hope it will at least give you a taste of what your child is accomplishing. Please remember that additional time for parent-teacher conversations can always be arranged.

In addition:

– We are working on reading and writing informational texts, with a special focus on reading articles about Canada to complement the work being done in French in Social Studies
– After a short geometry break we are returning to two weeks of division. (It’s not as hard as it may seem…!)

See you all later on this week!

Back to ‘work’ !

We’ve had an exciting few weeks – grade 5 adventure to Stratford, pumpkin carving for Halloween, the grade fives being included in last week’s press conference at PLR with the mayor and MPP and lots of Junglesport. Students from both classes were also very helpful to me in organizing the school-wide food drive and creating gift cards for the residents of an adult care facility where I volunteer. It was great to see them so engaged in helping others!
But alas – this week it’s back to ‘work’.

Language – we’re moving from reading and writing personal memoirs to information paragraphs and non-fiction texts. Extra practice reading informational paragraphs and finding the main ideas will help.
Math – we’re taking a short break from difficult multiplication to a few weeks of geometry. During this time I’ll be having a ‘division club’ each first break recess – by popular demand! All grade fours and fives who wish some extra review and practice with division are welcome – then when we return to two and three digit division in a few weeks they will be the experts!

Progress Reports have now been written and will be sent home in a few weeks. Mlle Gillingham and myself are looking forward to meeting with you and your child so that we can share the work that they are doing and discuss goals for improvement. Please return the interview times request form quickly so that we can schedule convenient times for everyone.
Enjoy the sunshine!