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Here are ideas for today:

READING – Let’s make Thursday poetry day!   Look at this poem.  Can you find any words you can read?  Can you find some rhyming words?  Read it over a few times and draw a picture to go with it.  Copy your favourite line and use it as a caption.

Open a book and you will find

 People and places of every kind

Open a book and you can be

 Anything you want to be

 Open a book and you can share

 Wondrous words you find in there

 Open a book and I will too

  You read to me and I’ll read to you!


WRITING – Did you finish your “People I Love” book yesterday?  I’d love to see it!  

 Here is a video of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.   He is talking to all Canadian children.

Write a letter to him.  Take a picture of it and we’ll send it.

 MATH – Yesterday you played Jeopardy with a number from 10 to 20.  Today, “Be the Teacher”.  Write out ten adding questions.  Be sure the answers are less than 20.  Give them to a family member to answer.  Check their work.  Tell them how well they are doing!

 FOR FUN – Follow these directions to make a giant paper airplane.  Add lots of decorations and colour. 

Use your imagination.  Where would you like to go?  


OUTSIDE – When you go outside today take your paper airplane.  Have fun flying it!