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Hello everyone!  Here are some ideas for today:

READING – Did you make that reading log?  Read another book today and add it to your list.  If you have a school Raz Kids account you can read on-line with that.  (There’s a reading log page on the ‘links’ page if you have a printer.)

WRITING – Did you make that folding book yesterday?  Today you are the author.  The title of the book is “People I love”.  On each page, write about a different person who you really like.  Don’t forget to use the word ‘because’ and give a reason.  Then add a picture.  Take a picture of your favourite page and send it to me – I can’t wait to see them.

MATH – We are working on adding and subtracting up to 20.  Choose a number between 10 and 20.  Write down all the ways you can make that number.  (It’s a bit like the game Jeopardy.  You know the answer.  Come up with the questions.)  Put them all on a piece of paper and share a picture of it with me.

JUST FOR FUN – Lots of zoos are on-line.  Spend some time today watching some animals.  Here is a link:

OUTSIDE – When you’re out on your walk today keep your eyes open for crocuses and other spring flowers.  How many different colours of flowers did you see?  Keep a tally chart.

Have a happy day!!