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I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. Did you have any chocolate?

Reading and Writing: Here’s is this week’s poem. Read it over each day this week. Choose five words to use for this week’s Word Work.

Teachers teach us ABCs

Shapes and colours, 123s

Doctors help us when we’re sick

Medicine will do the trick.

Firefighters put out fires.

Mechanics fix our cars and tires.

Police help keep things safe for you.

What job do you want to do?

Math: This week we’re going to focus on counting by 10s. Enjoy this video!

Social Studies: Starting this week we will be learning about community helpers. Make a list of helpers in our community.  Can you come up with ten of them?  Put a star beside two or three of your favourites.

Music Monday: Starting this week, I’ll post a music activity each Monday. This week, let’s do a little dancing! Mrs. Djonovich writes: Have you heard this music before?  This is called “The Chicken Dance”.  There are no words, only actions.  Can you follow the chick and do the actions?  Can you hop on one foot without falling over?  How many times did the song repeat?  Could you dance to the whole video without stopping?