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Do you like doughnuts? Of course you do! Today’s activities are all about doughnuts and start with this week’s online story. Enjoy!

Reading and Writing: Listen to this story. What is your favourite kind of doughnut? What else can you find at a bakery? Make a list.

Art: Make Arnie the Doughnut. Use a small paper plate. Cut out the middle to make a doughnut shape. Use crayons or markers to colour the doughnut. Give your doughnut a name and write on back of paper plate. (________ the Doughnut) YUMMY!!

Math: Use different colours to add sprinkles to your doughnut. How many did you put on? What colours did you use? Make a number sentence to describe your design. (eg. 5 red sprinkles + 7 yellow sprinkles = 12 sprinkles)

Other Fun: Enjoy the beautiful day. When you are out walking today and over the weekend have fun with this scavenger hunt.