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This week’s poem: Read this each day this week. Choose five words to use for this week’s ‘word work’.

Social Studies: This week, we will work again on helpers in our community. This week, you’ll make a book that tells about three of your favourite. Staple four pieces of paper together – one for the cover and one for each of the three helpers. Today, draw a picture on the cover and give your book a title.

Math: Can you count the coins in these piggy banks?

Music Monday with Ms. Djonovich: Next Monday, May 4th, is “Music Monday” all across Canada.  This special day is to celebrate the power of music and music education in schools.  This year, for Music Monday, King’s Road School is going to sing our school song.  Please practise our school song, Imagine The Impossible, so that you can sing along and do the actions next Monday.  There will be more information coming out in a few days about how we will all sing the song together…..stay tuned!

Song with words

Song with actions