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Reading and Writing: Choose a book on Raz Kids. Read it. Tell me what was it about. Draw a picture. Print a sentence. This book was ….

Word Work: Make up a sentence that uses one of this week’s words. Print the sentence but leave a blank where this week’s word should go. (For example, if my word was hello, my sentence might be “I said _________ to my neighbour.”) Do this for each of your words. You will have five sentences. Be the Teacher and give the sentences to a family member. Can they put in the right word? Did they spell them correctly?

Math: You’ve counted by 5s this week. Count by 5s, printing the numbers in order. Show me how high you can go. (Be careful that your 5 is not backwards!)

For Fun: Eggs are a good, healthy food.  They are part of the protein group.  Do you like to eat eggs?  Help an adult cook eggs.  Take a picture of what you make.  Were they good?  

Set your alarm: Check in with our friends at Connected North at 4:30 today for “Rabbits: Hearing, Hopping, Hoping with Valerie Marsh”.