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Reading and Writing: Write the room(s).  List A-Z on a piece of paper.  Walk around your home and try to find items that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  You may have to look inside cupboards or drawers to help.  Can you find all 26 letters?

Word Work: It’s Be the Teacher day. Make up sentences for each of this week’s words. Leave a blank where this week’s word should go. (For example, if my word was teacher, my sentence might be “My _________ likes to bake.”) Give the sentences to a family member. Can they put in the right word? Did they spell them correctly?

Math: Find a large number of objects – perhaps blocks, lego pieces, a handful of cereal, a pile of crayons. How many are there? Count them out by putting them in groups of tens. (Put any left-overs in pile to the side). Use skip counting by 10s to count the objects. Then count the left-overs by ones. How many did you have all together? Do this a few times with different objects. Draw a picture of what you did and send it to me!

Something New: Let’s Play WODB. (Which One Doesn’t Belong?) Look at these 4 pictures. Which one doesn’t belong? Why? ***There can be more than one answer. How many can you come up with?***

For Fun: Bring some sunshine inside today! Find a large piece of cardboard and a marble and have fun making this marble maze.