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Reading and Writing: Enjoy this week’s story! It is called Miss Tizzy.

The children were very lucky to have a neighbour like Miss Tizzy. Do you have a special neighbour or friend? Write them a letter or draw them a picture and leave it at their door. I bet they will LOVE it!

Word Work: Put your five words into ABC order. Did you remember to print them using lower case letters? (Only names get upper case letters.)

Math: It’s Jeopardy Day. The answer is ’50’. What could be the questions? Can you come up with 10 of them today?

For Fun: We have started learning about Community Helpers. Play charades with your family. Think of a community helper. Without talking, pretend to be that person. Act it out. Can your family guess which community helper you were?

Workout Wednesday (from Mrs. Reddon) – Running on the Spot. Choose a safe spot inside or outside and see if you can run non-stop for 1 full minute. Have a family member time you.  Running non-stop means that you don’t take a break. Lift your legs high inorder to increase your heart rate. This will be harder than you think!! Try again.  Can you run for 2 minutes without stopping?