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Story Time: Here is a fun book called Not a Box. Enjoy the story! The character in the story had a great imagination.  What about you?  Find an empty box and recycle it by creating something new out of it.  Use your own ideas or ones from the book.  Be sure to take a picture and share your creation with us! 

Social Studies: Now your community helpers book should be done. Check it over today. Add some pictures. Read it to a family member. Be sure to send me pictures of it!

Math: Here is a new money game that you might enjoy! How to Play the Money Game. You will need some coins, a dice and some paper.

French Friday: Bonjour mes amis 😊    Comment ça va aujourd’hui? 🤷❓Ça va bien? 👌Ça va comme-ci, comme-ça? 😐I hope you are all doing ok! 👌 This week we are still practicing weather expressions in French. Here is another song to listen to: Quel temps fait-il? If you look outside right now, what is the weather like? Do you remember how to say it in French? Listen to the song again, if you need to.

And here are two Super Mini videos for you to watch. He is talking about the weather in these videos: Aujourd’hui il fait … soleil. Aujourd’hui il fait … pluie

Art with Miss Hope: Ribbit, Ribbit! On my walk yesterday I visited a pond, and in that pond I saw a frog. This definitely tells me that spring is here. Today for Art we are going to be drawing a frog. I made a video for you to follow along with. Make sure you have paper, a pencil, and an eraser. I can’t wait to see your frogs!

Draw a frog

It’s May. The poem says: April Showers bring May Flowers. This weekend, take a walk outside and keep a tally of the number of flowers you see!