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This week’s poem: We’ll be learning about maps starting this week. Read this poem several times and choose 5 words for this week’s word work.

A map can show a country

A province or a town

A map can show my neighbourhood

The streets go up and down

Social Studies: Do you have any maps at home? Have you seen a map on the computer? Watch this video to learn more about maps. It has a lot of information! How to make a map

For Fun: Do you know your address? Print your address.  Can you memorize it? Type it into ‘google maps’. Can you see where you live? Switch to satellite view. Have fun!

Math: This week we will be having fun with 2 digit numbers. Can you add these numbers together? How did you do it? What are the totals?

Music Monday: from Ms. Djonovich

ListenReflectDiscussConnect Outdoors
Vivaldi The Four Seasons: SpringListen to The Four Seasons: Spring and then use only one word to describe it.
What instruments do you hear?
What is the tempo (fast/slow) of the music?  What is the pitch (high/low) of the music? Does it change?
How does The Four Seasons: Spring make you feel? Why?
Go outside. When outdoors, write down the sounds you hear.
What does Spring sound like?

Can you name a high sound and a low sound?