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Reading and Writing: Read this week’s poem that was posted yesterday. What do YOU like to do outside? Write your answers in sentences. Remember to start your sentence with a capital and end it with a period.

Word Work: Take your five words from the poem and do rainbow writing.

Math: This week we are working on telling time. Answer these questions using seconds, minutes or hours:

Science with Ms. Hope: Listen to Robert Louis Stevenson’s beautiful poem: My Shadow

Try this shadow experiment by: You will need: a partner, chalk, pencil and paper. Question: Will your shadow move?

Instructions: For this experiment you will need to go outside 3 times in one day so make sure you plan ahead!

  • Step 1:  Draw an X on the ground in chalk. This is where you will stand each time you trace your shadow. Go outside in the morning (Morning -around 8:30). Have your partner trace your shadow.
  • Step 2: Go outside and have your partner trace your shadow again. (Afternoon – around 12pm)
  • Step 3: Go outside for the final time and have your partner trace your shadow. (Evening -around 6pm)

*Make sure that you trace your shadow overtop of the shadow you traced earlier so that you can see the changes* *Use different colours to help you*

Did your shadow move or change? What happened? Why? Take pictures and send them to your teacher!