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Reading and Writing: Enjoy this week’s poem. It is by Bobbi Katz. Remember to choose 5 words to use for this week’s Word Work.

When you can read, then you can go 
from B.C. to Ontario –
Or read directions that explain 
just how to build a model plane –
Or bake a cake or cook a stew –
The words will tell you what to do!
When you can read, then you can play 
a brand new game the proper way –
Or get a letter from a friend 
and read it . . . to the very end! 

Math: There are five different things you can read that the poet includes in the poem. Can you find all five?? Write them down. Do your own survey using these five. If you can, ask ten family and friends. What is their favourite thing to read? Keep a tally chart and send it to me.

Tuneful Tuesday from Ms. Djonovich: Watch this fun video called “Who Played It Better?”. There are many different musicians playing their own version of a song called “Monkey Dance”.   What instruments do you see playing “Monkey Dance”. Watch the video again and decide which one you like the best.  Why did you choose that one?  What did you like about it?  Have fun!

Science with Ms. Hope: What is living? Find the living and non-living things in this picture:

Watch this video about living and nonliving things. What are the characteristics of living things? Can you fill out this chart?