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Word Work: It’s Be the Teacher day.  Make up sentences for each of this week’s words. Leave a blank where this week’s word should go. Give the sentences to a family member. Can they put in the right word? Did they spell them correctly?

Social Studies: Let’s talk more about helpers in our community and workers who are essential. Show the helpers in our community that we appreciate what they do for us. Make a thank you poster and hang it on your door or window. Or write a letter or draw a picture for an essential worker. Take a picture of it and I will send it to them!

Math: Here’s another card game to try. You made combinations of cards that add up to 10. Today, make combinations that add up to 20! If you keep the face cards in the deck they count for 10. You can use three or even four cards to do this. (For example, KING + 6 + 4) Take a picture of the combinations you can make.

Reading Fun: Here’s a new kind of thinking game for you. Give it a try!