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See you at 1:00 for our Google Hangout!!

Social Studies: A map is a ‘bird’s eye view’. Look at these two drawings of a bedroom.

This is a drawing of a bedroom.

This is a bird’s eye view.

Can you draw a bird’s eye view of your bedroom?

For Fun: Which One Doesn’t Belong? Remember, there is more than one answer. Be sure to give good reasons for your choice!

Word Work: Let’s do something a bit different today for your word work. Play “Roll a Word”. Roll the dice. Choose a letter from the column. (For example, if you roll a ‘4’ you might choose a ‘m’). Roll the dice six times. How many words can you make using the letters you chose? (HINT: Be sure to choose a vowel or two!)

Reading: Be sure to use Raz Kids or Teach Your Monster to Read today.