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Reading and Writing: I hope you enjoy today’s story!! I am a Rainbow by Dolly Parton.

How are you feeling today? Finish this sentence: Today I am feeling …… because …..

Math: Here’s another card game. Take the tens and face cards out of your deck. Play “Go Fish” with a family member. Instead of collecting pairs of the same number, collect two cards that add up to ten. (eg. 3 + 7 or 9 + Ace)

Word Work: Put the five words you chose this week into ‘ABC order.’  

Set your Clock: Join our friends at Connected North at 12:00 for some fun Hip Hop

For Fun: Which One Doesn’t Belong? Remember, try to come up with more than one answer! Be ready to give reasons for your answers.

Social Studies: We have been learning about helpers in our community. Last week you made a book about three of your favourites. A lot of people talk about ‘essential workers’. Essential means we can’t live without them.

Posters and memes express ideas with pictures and a few words. Look at this one. What do you think?  Do you agree?  Are helpers in our community like superheroes? Are there other helpers in our community that you think are like superheroes?

Workout Wednesday: Here is an activity to try inside or out. There are more in the “Gym” section above.