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Reading and Writing: Read this week’s poem. It is a rhyming poem. The words at the end of each line rhyme. Find the words that rhyme. You should have five pairs. Write them down. Can you come up with one more rhyming word for each pair? (Now you have triplets!! haha)

Math: Be a neighbourhood detective today! What is your address? What is your street number? What is your unit number? Take a walk outside or in your apartment hallway. Pay attention to the numbers you see on people’s doorways or garages.

  • Are the numbers getting bigger or smaller? By how much? Can you see a pattern?
  • Stop in front of one number. Don’t look. What do you think the next number will be? Why? 
  • What do you notice about the numbers on the other side of the street or hallway?

Social Studies: Draw a small map that shows some buildings on your street or several apartments in your hallway. Put the numbers on each unit. Here’s mine:

Wellness Wednesday with Ms. Reddon: Here are two fun indoor activities to try. If you don’ have time to do them today, save them for another day!