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Reading and Writing: Over the last few weeks you have been sending me recipes. It’s time to turn them into a book. We need your help! Can you please draw a cover for our cookbook and give it a title? Take a picture and send it to me. We also need a title page for our Quilt of Kindness. Could you do that too? (Please have an adult check your spelling before you start.)

Word Work: Put your five words in abc order

Workout Wednesday from Ms. Reddon:

Math: Telling Time to the hour. Try this song: Rock and Roll the Time on the Clock

Game Time: It’s Jeopardy Day. Come up with at least 3 questions for these answers.

Storytime: Enjoy this story about writing letters called Can I Be Your Dog?

For Fun: We’re talking this week about writing and mailing letters. If you could get mailed to someone, who would you like to get ‘sent’ to? Here’s a song I used to sing when I was little. I’m Gonna Mail Myself to You