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Language: Do you like dinosaurs? Enjoy listening to this alphabet book: The Dinosaur A-Z

Math: It’s Jeopardy Day. The answer is 26. What could the questions be? Use this idea as a way to print your ideas on a page of paper.

Word Work: Take the five words from this week’s poem and put them in alphabetical order.

For Fun: Have you heard of a catapult? Did you know that there was another medieval weapon just like it called a trebuchet? Enjoy this video from the National Geographic. How does a trebuchet work?

Have some fun making your own catapult. You may not have all of the materials you need – but see what you can do ! Here’s a video that might help you: Making a Pom Pom catapult

Dance Time! Practice your alphabet with these great dance moves! Jack Hartman’s ABC Dance Medley