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Marvelous Monday

This Week’s Poem: This was one of our favourite poems this year. Have some fun reading it and making up your own verses.

Red hearts, white hearts, pink hearts too

I love purple hearts, how about you?

Green hearts, yellow hearts, blue hearts too

I love orange hearts. How about you?

How is your alphabet book coming? Are you almost done? Be sure to take pictures. Bring it to this week’s google meet!

Writing: This week will be our last google meet together. Think about these two questions and be ready to share with your friends.

Music Monday. One of the songs we loved singing together was this one. Enjoy!

Math: This week, use your deck of cards to play some adding and subtracting games. Let me know which games you try!

Fabulous Friday

Read-a-loud: Here is another alphabet book to enjoy. I promise it will make you hungry! Eating Through the Alphabet

Science and Art with Ms. Hope: With all the heat we had last week I’ve been craving ice cream! I’ve been seeing really long lineups at Ice Cream shops so I bet you’re probably wanting some ice cream too! What’s your favourite flavour? Mine is mint chocolate-chip! How to Make Ice Cream

Math: Play some games to review the number ’26’ today:

  • with playing cards
  • with dice
  • by making a collection of 26 items – lego? stuffies? raisins?
  • counting out coins and finding 26 cents
  • write a sentence with 26 letters (not words!!)
  • make a hopscotch or number line outside with sidewalk chalk that goes up to 26 and hop away!

For Fun: Enjoy some time outside today and this weekend. Do this scavenger hunt with your family!

French Friday: Let’s learn the days of the week (Les jours de la semaine): Ecoutez et répétez (Listen and repeat) Now sing along with this song, to practise the days of the week: Les jours de la semaine

And here is a song I’m sure you missed – turn it up, sing along, and do the moves we used to do in class every Friday: Je suis une pizza!

Thrilling Thursday

It’s Google Hangout Day! Bring the cover of your alphabet book to share with us!

Language: Keep working on your alphabet book! How many pages have you finished? Are you missing any?

Word Work: Practice your five words from this week’s poem using Rainbow Writing.

Math: Time to play a dice game? Do you remember when we played ’21’. Today, play again but this time add up to ’26’. The instructions are the same. How to Play 21 with Dice

Wonderful Wednesday

Language: Do you like dinosaurs? Enjoy listening to this alphabet book: The Dinosaur A-Z

Math: It’s Jeopardy Day. The answer is 26. What could the questions be? Use this idea as a way to print your ideas on a page of paper.

Word Work: Take the five words from this week’s poem and put them in alphabetical order.

For Fun: Have you heard of a catapult? Did you know that there was another medieval weapon just like it called a trebuchet? Enjoy this video from the National Geographic. How does a trebuchet work?

Have some fun making your own catapult. You may not have all of the materials you need – but see what you can do ! Here’s a video that might help you: Making a Pom Pom catapult

Dance Time! Practice your alphabet with these great dance moves! Jack Hartman’s ABC Dance Medley

Terrific Tuesday

Writing: Keep working on your alphabet book. What is the topic of your book? hockey? vehicles? food? Today, do the front cover. Be ready to share it with us on Thursday’s hangout.

Reading: Do you like unicorns? Do you know someone who does? This book might give you some ideas for your own alphabet book. U is for Unicorn – a board book

Science: Are Unicorns Real? Watch this video from Mystery Doug and find out!

Math: Let’s make 26 with playing cards. Do you remember Ben’s card game when he made piles of 20? Follow the same rules and add up to 26. How many piles can you make? Can you use all of the cards in your deck?

Alphabet Fun: Enjoy these songs with your family:

It’s Summer!

The website is full of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Scroll through and check them out!

Have fun, stay safe and – keep learning!

Love, Mrs. Fairley